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A Day in the Life of Coach Billy

I’ve found that nutrition plays an integral part in how we feel and how we perform on a daily basis.  It’s easy to get sucked into different quick weight loss diets and constantly seeing weight fluctuate.   I’m a firm believer that no matter what you do, in order to gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain weight, it’s going to take some work.  I’ve tried a variety of different styles of healthy eating and so far, the one that I’ve really been able to hold on to was RP (Renaissance Periodization).  I have a fluctuating work schedule throughout the week, and it does a great job of laying out what my meals should look like depending on what time of the day I work out.   I’m not perfect, though, and do have difficulty following it 100%.  I do my best, but allow myself some freedom.  I think part of living a healthy life style is reducing stress, and sometimes we can get sucked into seeking perfection a little too much.  That can add unnecessary stress to your life, but if we can make positive changes to our eating habits, results almost always follow.  

RP gives a great breakdown on the serving sizes for each meal we should be eating based on height, weight, age, and sex.   It seems like a lot at first, but I think the average person under-eats when it comes to the right types of foods, and overeats on the higher calorie foods that aren’t good for us.  Since I’ve got a rotating schedule for work, my workout time changes throughout the week.  Here’s what a day would look like for me when I work out at 9:00.

Meal 1 – 7:00 AM

  • Advocare Spark

  • 3 eggs

  • 2 small handfuls of spinach leaves and a little bit of ranch dressing

  • 2 pieces of wheat toast and butter (sometimes I substitute a banana)

Prior to Workout

  • Driven Nutrition – WOD Candy Pre-workout

Immediately After Workout

  • Driven Nutrition Whey Protein – 1 Scoop

  • Driven Nutrition Creatine  – 1 Scoop

  • mix with water

  • handful of Nerds/Runts or Advocare Rehydrate

Meal 2 – 11:00 AM

  • chicken breast

  • 2 small handfuls of spinach leaves and little bit of ranch dressing

  • 1 cup of brown rice with butter

Meal 3 – 2:00 PM

  • hamburger patty

  • 2 handfuls of broccoli

  • 2 pieces of wheat toast and butter

Meal 4 – 7:00 PM

  • chicken breast

  • 2 small handfuls of spinach leaves and little bit of ranch dressing

  • 1 cup of rice with butter


  • Driven Nutrition Casein Protein – 1 scoop

  • Mix with water


I’ve never been one to weigh my protein or measure out exact portion sizes, but by eating consistently throughout the day and following this format based around my workout times, I did see an increase in energy and strength levels.  I also noticed a change in my body composition as well.  The important thing is to find something that works for you and your schedule and sets you up for success!  The results will come, but it will take time.   I look at it more as a lifestyle than a 4, 8, or 12 week program.  In order for me to live this lifestyle, I do like to treat myself to cheat meals a few times a week!!